New Site

The Long Road

After numerous iterations, countless bugs (features) I've finally launched this website. It's been on my todo list for most of the year.

This site I intend to be focused entirely on security, whereas my other website to be focused on general technology.

Why Multiple?

As I dive more head-first into security, specifically OSS security and hunting for vulnerabilities in the code, I thought there would be a nice seperation between general tech and security. I recognize that some aspects may overlap, and in those cases, I'm going to cross-post on the alternative.

What's Next

Now, it's time to fill this site with content. Over the next few days I'll be backporting all my security content from my general-tech blog into this site.

Also, expect some public disclosures coming up as well for vulnerabilities in OSS software!

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I'm Mike Gervais, a cyber security analyst and software engineer based in Ottawa.